An overview to Pip — Part 1

You can see that I have pip version- 21.3.1 and then it shows the location of pip in the pc.
You can see pandas is not already present. So, let’s go ahead and install it using install command
Hence, pandas successfully installed? Let’s check with show command
Voila, yes, it is!
It asks you whether are you sure that you want to uninstall pandas- Type Y
Package uninstalled
These are the packages that are already present in my system.
There is no package on my pc which is outdated but if we need an older version of a package let’s say we need an older or a specific version of requests library. In that case, we can degrade it by specifying the required version
The current version is 2.26.0 and we want to degrade it to 2.25.1
pip install — — upgrade requests=2.25.1
Now, the version is 2.25.1
The latest version of requests is installed. You can check with show command!
And pip search — let you search anything inside PyPi website which is Python package index.
This command doesn’t work directly so to resolve it first install pip -search
Now, we have installed pip-search!
So, you will get a one-line description of everything related to scrapy that is presented on PyPi.




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Nidhi Jakhad

Nidhi Jakhad

Avid learner

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